Baby, won't you fly?

It's been a long time flight traveling down the Mississippi
It's been a long fight coming down from New York City
It's been a long time since you've been out with me
From recovery

It's been a long Fall coming back from colder weather
It's been a long haul dragging round your bag of feathers
It's been a good call since you had let me in and see your weakest skin
It means everything
It means everything

You're gonna want to
Stop being waterproof
I know you want to
I know you want to...

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It's been a long time since I last released any music. Many of you asked me when the second cd was coming out, but I was wrong each time. Several attempts were made and each time it was delayed. I didn't think I'd ever do music again, but with my newfound partnership with Incubator Creative Group I am ready to give this music thing another shot. There is a greater plan out there for me and I am finally ready to sing and share my story with you all. A big thanks to all of you who walked this journey with me and stayed true all these years. God bless!

It was a long flight...

This album was written after a point in my life when I took a hard look at myself and started piecing together who I thought I was. A long time ago someone told me I was an ugly duckling. He was right. I had not yet grown into what I was supposed to be and the growing pains scared me. I wrestled with a dull dread every New Year that something worse than the previous year awaited me.

Every January I anticipated a fresh start, but with a prevalent fear that life would not get better. I titled this album with the sentiment of a bittersweet January in mind. And I've met my share of wolves mixed with triumphs on my path to self discovery. Now, I am grateful to say I feel closer to peace than I ever was before. I have tasted joy in the valleys and sadness even on mountain peaks. And as always, I want to tell you about this incredible journey of strength in the storms. I hope you enjoy the second part of my story as much as the first.

Please check back occasionally as I prepare to release my album...I look forward to keeping in touch with my fellow travelers.

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